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Zodiac N-ZO

Zodiac's Brochure Description of the N-ZO Series

The N-ZO 680 RIB enjoys the benefits of innovations incorporated into the hull and deck design.

The safety provided by a semi-rigid boat is well established. The N-ZO range benefits from the experience of Zodiac® in the design of the hulls and utilizes two innovative features. New technology used on the Zodiac® shell, equipped with a V-hull, which offers unmatched sea keeping and handling. The generous height of the free-boards, thanks to the size of its buoyancy tube and the special structure of the hull, turn the cabin into a “cocoon” for its passengers.
The N-ZO 680 is a pleasure boats to be shared with others. Particular attention has been paid to the comfort of passengers, both when sailing and when moored. Three innovative features have been included in the deck design:
Best use has been made of the on board space. The deck lay-out has been designed to facilitate safe moving around on-board. A new console, called an “Air Console”, more raised, has made it possible to minimize the floor space used and increase your boat’s interior space.

  • The areas for entertaining have been enhanced. The N-ZO 680 has a spacious aft saloon which can seat a number of people and which offers direct access to the aft bathing platform.
  • The modular design of the boat has not been overlooked. The N-ZO 680 is equipped with a new bow sunbathing system “Reverse & Sun” which allows an extensive sundeck to be put in place in a matter of seconds by simply unfolding the structure.
The N-ZO 680 therefore is aesthetically pleasing, seaworthy, spacious, and particularly safe.

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