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Zodiac Cadet

Offering welded structure, unique stability and astonishing load capacity.

New Ultra Light Aluminum Hulls

Zodiac Cadet RIB Aluminum ULZodiac Nautic just completed its tender range with a new line of aluminum hulls. We have have a variety of these Ultra Light Aluminum RIBS to choose from including the Deluxe model that has a flat deck and bow storage. Click on the Zodiac Cadet RIB ALU UL or Zodiac Cadet RIB ALU DL (Deluxe) or DL with Console and Engine Product Page above to find out all the details on these easy to handle Ribs and what models we have in stock.

Zodiac Cadet RIB W/ Console & Engine
Photo 1: Zodiac Cadet RIB W/ Console & Engine