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Weldcraft Select

Core Fishing That’s Propelled Exclusively By Water.

A little H2O goes a long, seaworthy way with the time-tested Select.

Weldcraft Inboard Jet

Weldcraft SelectThis Weldcraft Inboard Jet boasts a hull specifically designed to master the roughest water conditions and take extreme punishment. The bottom lifts the hull so that it climbs standing waves, then cushions the descent without taking water over the bow or spearing the next roller.

On plane, the Select will gracefully cross shallow water that’s merely a trickle. Both the 22’ and 24’ lengths are built on ultra-wide 84” bottoms. A 12° bottom vee is standard. You can opt for more power, but the standard GM Vortec 6.0 liter V-8 coupled to a Hamilton 212 jet pump provides the optimal power-to-weight ratio.

Standard configuration includes a welded-frame top, slider-side windows, storage bench seats and mariner suspension seats. With propulsion this relentlessly efficient, your prized catch won’t stand a chance.

Weldcraft Select
Photo 1: Weldcraft Select

The Water’s Playstation® For Grown-Ups.

Three decades ago, Weldcraft perfected the whitewater hull. Now we’ve combined it with comfort and style that are so much fun to play with, you may never want to turn it off. The Select comes programmed with the finest upholstered seating, elegant decor and contemporary design certain to make all players aboard game for any adventure.