Weldcraft 240 Maverick
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Weldcraft 240 Maverick

Rugged & Bold.

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2018 Weldcraft 240 Maverick DV - In Stock
Photo 1: 2018 Weldcraft 240 Maverick DV - In Stock

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Rugged and Bold

Weldcraft 240 MaverickWeldcraft has optimized every inch of interior space in the 220 and 240 Mavericks. The Maverick’s Outback outboard bracket relies on an integral bottom sheet that extends the bottom to enhance performance for unparalleled strength. Another of the many benefits is the added space created by mounting the outboard (or outboards) on an external bracket. The look is rugged and bold. The performance is exhilarating. And the style is unquestionably Weldcraft.