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Weldcraft 220 Maverick Partial Hardtop

Weldcraft 220 Maverick

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2019 & 2020 Great Lakes Edition Available Now and In Stock!!

What is the Great Lakes Edition?

Great Lake Edition

"Great Lakes Edition" is a custom package by Reed Yacht Sales. We are fortunate to have very talented people who can do custom welding, custom electrical systems, electronics, and custom fishing gear. Because of this we are able to create our "Great Lakes Edition" on any of our Weldcraft models. Please go to the Inventory Price Sheet to the upper left to view the list of the "Great Lakes Edition" items on this boat. We can certainly add additional items if you would like such as bow mounted trolling motors, anchoring systems, and much more!
We currently have a 2019 & 2020 220 Maverick GLE in stock - call us for all the details!

The Added Space of a Maverick

2019 Weldcraft Maverick 220 DV HardtopWeldcraft has optimized every inch of interior space in the 220 and 240 Mavericks. The Maverick’s Outback outboard bracket relies on an integral bottom sheet that extends the bottom to enhance performance for unparalleled strength. Another of the many benefits is the added space created by mounting the outboard (or outboards) on an external bracket. The look is rugged and bold. The performance is exhilarating. And the style is unquestionably Weldcraft. Call now to set up an appointment to view her!

220 Maverick On A Ride

2018 Weldcraft 220 Maverick Partial HardtopWe sea trialed our in stock 220 Maverick with a prospect and he came away very impressed with her quiet Yamaha F250, smooth ride, quick steering and her 52 MPH top speed. We were in a nasty tight 2.5" chop and she handled her well.

2020 Weldcraft 220 Maverick "Great Lakes Edition"
Photo 1: 2020 Weldcraft 220 Maverick "Great Lakes Edition"

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