Weldcraft Boats

Spirit of Weldcraft. While you may never venture 50 miles or more into the Pacific, power through three story rapids or be faced with a 100 mile run across wind-blown chop, know that you could. That’s the spirit of Weldcraft, to capably take you and your precious cargo wherever your imagination allows.

2020 Weldcraft RMG Models Video

All Weldcraft dealers must meet stringent requirements in order to represent the brand and only a select few have the proven track record of customer service, local boating knowledge and expert service experience that they demand. Reed Yacht Sales is proud to represent Weldcraft and all that it represents. Check out this exciting 2020 video of all the Weldcraft models offered and give us a call or browse our RYS website for models currently in stock or available to order!

Weldcraft Boats at the 2019 Chicago Boat Show

Here's a video produced by Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine featuring Weldcraft Boats, represented by Reed Yacht Sales at the 2019 Chicago Boat Show.

Top Ten Reasons To Choose Weldcraft

Weldcraft boats are something special. For decades they’ve tackled the planet’s fiercest rapids, tamed the open sea and been a platform for indelible memories, fellowship and fun. There’s a long tradition of excellence with Weldcraft and you’ll find it in every weld and every corner of every boat. If you’re just getting acquainted with Weldcraft boats here are some pretty good reasons to choose our brand. Click this Link

Weldcraft Hulls are Designed Differently. Here's Why:

Hull designs are a carefully engineered balance of performance, speed, stability, handling, fuel economy and comfort. They are specialized to provide optimal performance in varying water conditions. Watch this video and learn why a boat's deadrise is a critical factor in selecting a boat that will best fit your needs.

Weldcraft Marine Ocean Cuddy 260

NEW - Weldcraft Marine

Reed Yacht Sales is now the exclusive Great Lakes dealer for Weldcraft Marine. Founded in 1968 Weldcraft Marine builds heavy gauge aluminum fishing boats from 16’-30’ with 29 models and multiple configurations to choose from. Features include hardtops, soft tops, open boats and full cabin layouts in multiple sizes. We now have 6 Weldcrafts in stock and more on the way, including two new Models. Coming in November 2019 a 20 Angler Sport XT and a Cuddy King 300 OS! See these boats in Grand Haven or come visit at the 2020 Chicago Boat Show Jan 8th thru the 12th 2020.

Weldcraft Boats

Weldcraft was one of those pioneers.

It’s where these boats were borne and where they’re still built today. Frankly, if a boat can withstand the rigors of the Snake they can stand-up to pretty much anything. And from the outset, that was the goal — to build boats to a lifetime standard. Weldcraft Boats have been painstakingly designed to deliver all the attributes anglers and boating enthusiasts demand. Beyond all the construction elements, features like interior space, walk-through space, attention to ergonomics and comfort, balance and attention to detail are wrapped into every Weldcraft package.