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Weldcraft Angler Tiller

A New Angle On Wide-Open Fishing Spaces.

Thanks to the 18’ Angler Tiller, open-fishing boats have taken a turn that’s far for the better.

One Serious Workboat.

Weldcraft Angler TillerMaybe you long for the openness of free-drifting. Or you’re a multi-species enthusiast. Are hunting and crabbing your thing? From any angle, this is one serious workboat. Stable, quick to plane, open and easily stowed in your garage. Weldcraft engineers did their on-the-water homework to make this sporty boat perform equally well in big rivers, bays and reservoirs.

A nimble blend of length, width and depth, the 10° bottom is stable and sure handling. And the 29” sides provide plenty of freeboard when the weather turns and the water gets rough. To help clear the deck of clutter, the Angler comes standard with double side trays, rod racks and gunwale bow storage areas. On an Angler, the possibilities for big-time fishing are free and clear.

Center Console Available

If you prefer a steering wheel, we have you covered. New center console model includes tilt-up windshield, pedestal seat and gauge package.

Weldcraft Angler Tiller
Photo 1: Weldcraft Angler Tiller

Weldcraft Hulls are Designed Differently. Here's Why:

Hull designs are a carefully engineered balance of performance, speed, stability, handling, fuel economy and comfort. They are specialized to provide optimal performance in varying water conditions. Watch this video and learn why a boat's deadrise is a critical factor in selecting a boat that will best fit your needs.