Ranger Tugs R-21EC

Ranger Tugs R-21EC

Fully Equipped and Ready to Cruise

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Higher Speed, New Cabin Design

Ranger Tugs R-21EC
Since its introduction, the Ranger R-21EC has earned a loyal following among enthusiasts who enjoy cruising at its classic best. And today it’s even better, with a boatload of improvements from greater interior volume and higher speed, to more responsive handling and convenient storage spaces.

Owners of this popular vessel have always measured fuel use in pints per hour, not gallons. With a refined hull design, the new Ranger R-21EC delivers significantly higher speeds and even better economy, bringing more cruise destinations within easy reach. And with a new cabin design that’s eighteen inches longer and seven inches wider, there’s room inside for pilot and companion seats, head, galley cabinet and a larger berth…greater comfort to make the trip all the more worthwhile.

Take a tour of this timeless R-21EC!

Inspired by a traditional Bristol Bay trawler design, the Ranger R-21EC will never go out of style, ensuring both lasting appeal and maximum resale value. Easily trailerable, this boat rewards its owner with a level of versatility that few other cruisers can match.

Ranger Tugs R-21EC Factory Photo
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Tugs have always enjoyed a bit of a cult following, with enthusiasts appreciating the traditional cruising style and fuel economy the boats offer. With a refined hull design and a wealth of interior improvements, the Ranger Tugs R-21EC is sure to please even the most discerning of tug devotees.