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The sea creates winners and losers everyday. Know which side you’re on.

Hatteras YachtsFor more than 55 years, Hatteras has set the standard to which all other yachts aspire. That began with producing the world’s first fiberglass yacht over 40 feet and pioneering the revolutionary convex and modified-V hull. And while decades of design and engineering have resulted in a long list of patents and accolades, our focus continues to be on everything yet to come.

From hull and propulsion breakthroughs to on-board connectivity and interior design, a commitment to innovation fuels every aspect of our business. And in the process, we’re creating a legacy for others to chase and an unmatched experience for a fortunate few to enjoy.

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Why Hatteras?

  • Convex and modified-V hulls for optimal performance under widest range of conditions.
  • Double chine and side “step-outs” offer dryer ride and more interior space.
  • In-house designed multi-bladed hybrid propellers offer improved fuel economy, reduced vibration and a quieter ride.
  • Deep gear ratio improves efficiency and thrust capabilities.
  • Revolutionary deep tunnel design for enhanced performance and rudder response.
  • Patented air induction system reduces noise and vibration by over 200%.
  • Resin Infusion for stronger and lighter decks, bulkheads and other parts.
  • Electrical systems surpass all NMMA, ABYC and National Electric Code standards.
  • High-gloss and UV-resistant paint on every exterior surface. The most durable coat in the industry.
  • Custom finishing and design available across every element of the yacht, including luxury materials, furnishings and appliances.

Hatteras GT45X Tower
Photo 1: Hatteras GT45X Tower